“Syl’s Stance: Forget Employment, Be an Entrepreneur”

The old model of ‘study to be a technocrat, graduate, then work as an employee’ is gone, and likely not to return. It emerged, peaked and ebbed over the last 100 years. Yet our education, personal planning and government policies are stuck in the irrelevant 1950s/1960s model. History shows us that all economic models evolve and many disappear. The game is new people!

The guiding principles for today’s environment in my view are: ‘grow your own’, ‘eat/keep what you hunt’, and ‘passive income rules’. This is why people are well off to consider to create and own their own business. Available pathways to viable economic health today include entrepreneurship, network marketing and stock ownership. Of course, success requires due diligence, constant learning, self development, ‘smart work’ and progressive results.  And for your financial peace ‘spend much less than your total income’. And the bonus is that when you earn more than what you spend, you have capacity and can choose the joy of sharing with others and paying it forward.

Be well,

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About the Author
Sylvester (Syl) Di Diego, Managing Partner, Strategy Dynamix, LLC is a venture advisor and interim executive. Syl  has empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors to successfully navigate the venture growth lifecycle. Learn more and connect with Syl at http://www.strategydynamix.com/aboutus/executives.php


2 responses to ““Syl’s Stance: Forget Employment, Be an Entrepreneur”

  1. Alice Steinbacher

    Since I married an entrepreneur, when the time came for me to work(after rearing my children). I became and entrepreneur in advertising and marketing. Because I knew myself, it was the best direction for me. To get out there and start something from scratch, it seems to me that one must have an adventurous personality, or have knowledge in a field that you are sure is better than anything else out there. It is not easiest road to follow, one must be able to take risks, work hard and depending on the field, work longer hours than some. However, the rewards outweigh the negatives for me, I like following my ideas to fruition, making decisions, and devoting myself to a cause. It can be a non-profit or for profit but it brings rewards far beyond anything you receive from working for somebody else and fulfilling their dreams for them. It isn’t for everyone!
    Alice Steinbacher

  2. Very well said Alice. Thanks for your perspective. Best Syl

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