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Syl’s Stance: How Leaders Stand Out in Doldrum Market

Business leaders at all levels have an opportunity to rethink and engage everyone in your ecosystem for the good. Here are five areas to consider and to act upon.

1. Give more care to your existing customers. Anticipate. Call. Visit. Find out what would help them in this economic environment and find ways to help on a business or personal basis.

2. Give more care to your employees. Help them develop new skills as individuals and groups. Listen to their ideas. Consider new service lines or product lines. Find ways to improve customer experience, product quality and profitability by making smart, low cost or no cost innovations with a group effort – nurturing camaraderie and moral along the way.

3. Take time to reflect on your own situation – from a business and personal standpoint. How might I improve in terms of setting goals, aligning my team, managing my priorities and time, and fostering a ‘to innovate’ culture? Where might I give energy for self development for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual improvement?

4. Consider employees family situations, including extended family needs in these rough economic times, as well as those of key suppliers and customers. Are there ways to help people? Live your values and contribute as a member of the social communities which touch your people, product or ecosystem.

5. Consider how you might reposition your product, service or company. Are there ways to outflank or stand above your competition? You might use some resources to do some competitive intelligence. Or consider following specific persons through social media or connecting more in business networking circles. Share insights and suggestions. Strengthen the relationships outside of the sales context.

By such intentional efforts to sharpen and care for yourself, your employees and other stakeholders in your business and personal ecosystem you will build value and meaning for all.

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