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“Syl’s Stance: Embrace Social Business Dialogue to Care for Customers”

I recommend social media for businesses as part of an integrated and coordinated communication and customer engagement program that encompasses all channels. Start small and evolve carefully – this is not about PR nor bombarding audiences with a new “social media’ tool. Instead, evolve and tweak your voice, as well as your level and type of engagement. Consider different expectations over time. Success metrics should also evolve – namely, awareness, interest, engagement, retention, new prospect/lead acquisition and then sales. Embrace the new digital community square as a necessary opportunity to share knowledge, provide help and get to know and respond to your customers in real time.

Business is in the next stage of digital evolution. In just 16 years we have moved from the static brochure-like websites to eCommerce ordering, online bank transactions and digital customer service (CRM) as the norm. Now we have entered the age of ‘digital dialogues’ – two-way, real time conversations, where the voice of the consumer and customer are even more important than the voice of business. Businesses no longer have to research or focus on groups in a contrived environment. We now have the means, and a mandate, to know and personalize our offerings and care for those whose needs we are in business to serve. Let us all embrace Social Business as a dialogue to better care and serve our customers.

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